Ruby ESTHER - comedian


Become a Comedian

So you think you're funny? Then stand-up and be counted!

Here are some tips:

  • Go see lots of comedy - stand-up, improv, sketch & theatre. Watch both the pro's and rookies and learn all you can. The Classic provides the widest selection of styles in one venue.
  • Ask yourself..."Am I funny and why?" If you are not sure then ask some other people you trust. Start writing down all your funny thoughts and ideas. From a whole page of notes might come just one good gag.
  • Do a gig. The Classic has a RAW night for new faces every Saturday at 10pm. Email our Comedy Director, Scott, with Saturday dates you are available. Email:  (Email, not phone) 
  • Keep it short. Aim for up to 5 minutes the first few times. Record your gig (audio & / or video) and review it afterwards. Also don't be afraid to get some feedback from the other comedians at the gig. Be prepared to edit your material so that you can get more laughs in to the 5 minutes.
  • Don't plagiarise i.e. steal other people's ideas or material. It's OK to be influenced and inspired by well-known comedians but please don't copy them.
  • Try and open your set with a winner... even your favourite 'joke joke' if you like. The first laugh will help you relax. Try and finish on a winner too, the audience has a short memory!
  • There is no censorship or political correctness in comedy but don't be deceived by professional comedians who seem to get away with 'murder' on stage. They have years of experience reading their audience and keeping a knife-edge balance and even then they can still get it wrong occasionally. If you are a rookie you may get it horribly wrong too early and not be able to recover. And trying to get a laugh with bad language is a sure sign that you are a rookie!
  • Think about the basics. Your body language on stage, microphone technique, how you are going to remember your routine. If you doubt your memory write key words on your hand or a small card that you can refer to if you get lost. Getting these basic things right can make a difference for you and the audience.
  • Give yourself time to evolve and don't give up too soon. Wait until you have done 50 -100 gigs then sit down and think about why you are funny. What is your style? What makes you unique?
  • Don't give up your day job! The life of a comedian can be very demanding - lots of late nights and hanging out in bars and theatres. A good, flexible day job can make the road to the top a lot easier. Get some advice from professional comedians and management before you commit to being a full time professional.

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